Climbing Frame Factory

At SimonTodd, we had the pleasure of collaborating with Climbing Frame Factory, a thriving business dedicated to enriching outdoor experiences in Northern Ireland. With a focus on garden furniture and dynamic climbing frames, they’re renowned as the go-to destination for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages. Our partnership involved crafting a captivating brand identity, including their striking logo and a range of printed marketing materials such as business cards, gift vouchers, and flyers. Join us as we showcase our collaboration with Climbing Frame Factory and the impact of our design solutions on their journey of growth and adventure.


We at SimonTodd took on the challenge of capturing the essence of Climbing Frame Factory’s dynamic outdoor brand. Our logo design reflects the thrill and excitement of their offerings, from garden furniture to exhilarating climbing frames. With bold typography and vibrant imagery, we crafted a visual identity that embodies the spirit of adventure and fun. Trust SimonTodd to elevate your brand with compelling logo designs that inspire and engage.

Creative Design / Branding

Design and Print

SimonTodd collaborated with Climbing Frame Factory to design a range of printed marketing materials that reflect the excitement and quality of their outdoor offerings. From eye-catching business cards to enticing flyers and gift vouchers, our designs capture the essence of Climbing Frame Factory’s brand, inviting customers to embark on outdoor adventures. With creativity and precision, SimonTodd brings brands to life, making every interaction memorable and engaging.

Innovative Design / Strategic Design Execution / Customisation and Detailing