Deja Vu

SimonTodd played a crucial role in establishing a dynamic and appealing brand identity for Deja Vu, an innovative artisan street food company with a global presence. Our comprehensive branding strategy was brought to life through the creation of a distinctive brand, a visionary 3D representation, a user-friendly website, and a functional mobile app, all designed to showcase the unique culinary offerings and culture of Deja Vu.

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SimonTodd was tasked with creating an engaging and distinctive logo for Deja Vu, a popular artisan street food vendor with multiple locations. The logo needed to capture the essence of Deja Vu’s diverse and vibrant street food offerings while ensuring brand consistency across all their sites.

Creative Design / Branding

3D Design and Visualisation

SimonTodd was tasked with the development of three distinct 3D designs for Deja Vu’s locations in Armagh, Belfast and Portadown. Each design aimed to capture the unique atmosphere of Deja Vu’s artisan street food experience, while seamlessly integrating the brand’s vibrant aesthetics across different environments.

Innovative 3D design / Strategic Design Execution / Customisation and Detailing

3D Design in Video

SimonTodd developed a detailed 3D walkthrough video for the interior of the Deja Vu Street Kitchen in Belfast, designed to give viewers an immersive tour of the restaurant’s stylish and functional design. This video intricately showcases the energetic and modern environment, crafted to enhance the dining experience.

Innovative 3D design / Video & Animation

Deja Vu Street Kitchen


Deja Vu Portadown

Website Design

SimonTodd crafted a sleek and efficient one-page website for Deja Vu, designed to provide essential information with optimal user experience. This streamlined site features key details about Deja Vu’s vibrant street food offerings, making it easy for customers to connect and engage with the brand.

Innovative 3D design / Strategic Design Execution / Customisation and Detailing

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Graphic Design

SimonTodd’s collaboration with DejaVu extends beyond large-scale projects, encompassing a variety of miscellaneous design elements that enhance the overall branding and operational efficiency of the business. This portfolio item showcases a collection of diverse design tasks tailored to support and elevate DejaVu’s vibrant street food experience.