JMW Farms

SimonTodd proudly partnered with JMW Farms, Ireland’s largest pig producer, to redefine their brand identity through innovative design solutions. With a herd of approximately 300,000 animals, JMW Farms sought to establish a visual presence that reflected their industry leadership and commitment to excellence.

Our comprehensive branding and design work encompassed every touchpoint of the JMW Farms experience, from logo creation to packaging design and beyond. By blending strategic insight with creative flair, SimonTodd crafted a cohesive visual identity that resonates with JMW Farms’ values and resonates with their audience.

Experience the transformation of JMW Farms’ brand landscape with SimonTodd’s expert design touch. Trust us to bring your agricultural brand to new heights of recognition and success.


SimonTodd meticulously crafted the logo for JMW Farms, Ireland’s premier pig producer, encapsulating their position as leaders in the agricultural industry.

Our logo design captures the essence of JMW Farms’ mission, blending elements of tradition and modernity to create a timeless symbol of agricultural excellence. From the graceful lines to the bold typography, every aspect of the logo reflects the strength and reliability of the JMW Farms brand.

Trust SimonTodd to create a logo that speaks volumes about your agricultural business, positioning you as a leader in your field.”

Creative Design / Branding

Design and Print

SimonTodd’s expertise extends to print design, where we’ve had the privilege of collaborating with JMW Farms to create impactful materials that enhance their brand presence. From brochures and flyers to packaging and promotional materials, our design and print solutions combine creativity with functionality.

With JMW Farms’ commitment to excellence and our passion for innovative design, we’ve crafted print materials that effectively communicate their brand message and values. Our attention to detail ensures that every piece reflects the professionalism and reliability that JMW Farms represents.

Trust SimonTodd to elevate your print materials and bring your brand vision to life with stunning design and precision printing.

Innovative Design / Strategic Design Execution / Customisation and Detailing