Capper Trading

Capper Trading is a leading provider of home heating solutions and agricultural services, renowned for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Established in Northern Ireland, the company has been serving the community for decades, offering a comprehensive range of products including home heating oil, diesel, and other fuel types. Capper Trading is also involved in the agriculture sector, providing animal feed, animal bedding and essential supplies and services to local farmers.

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Website Design

For Capper Trading, we developed a comprehensive eCommerce solution built on the PrestaShop platform. This project demanded a deep understanding of Capper Trading’s market, a user-first approach to design, and the implementation of features tailored specifically to the company’s unique needs.

Creative Design / Strategic Development and Planning / PrestaShop Development / Maintenance & Support

Challenges & Solutions

Presenting a vast and diverse product range in an easily navigable format.

Developed custom shipping modules within PrestaShop to handle diverse shipping requirements, ensuring a smooth checkout process.

The website was designed with a clean, professional aesthetic that reflects Capper Trading’s brand values, alongside a dual-path navigation system catering to all product types.

Key Features

  • Intuitive User Experience: A user-friendly interface with streamlined navigation paths, making it easy for customers to browse and purchase.

  • Custom Product Pages: Detailed product pages with high-quality images, specifications, and related products to encourage purchases.

  • Responsive Design: Ensuring the website performs flawlessly across all devices, enhancing accessibility and user engagement.

  • SEO Optimisation: Implementing SEO best practices to improve visibility and drive targeted traffic to the site.

Mobile App

SimonTodd led the development of a comprehensive mobile application for Capper Trading, a leading fuel supplier. The app enhances customer engagement by enabling users to order home heating oil conveniently from their mobile devices. It also features real-time tracking of fuel prices at the pump, allowing customers to make informed purchasing decisions. Furthermore, the app keeps users informed about special offers and updates, ensuring they never miss out on savings. This project showcases our commitment to integrating user-friendly design with robust functionality to meet client needs.

Creative Design / Strategic Development and Planning / ios and Android Development / Maintenance & Support

Challenges & Solutions

Developed native applications for both iOS and Android to ensure optimal performance and accessibility on all devices.

Implemented robust APIs that fetch real-time data from the company’s database, ensuring accurate and timely information on fuel prices and availability.

Integrated push notifications to alert users about new offers and price drops, significantly increasing app usage and customer interaction.

Integrated secure, PCI-compliant payment gateways to ensure safe and reliable transaction processing within the app.

Key Features

  • Home Heating Oil Ordering System: Streamlined interface for quick and easy oil orders.
  • Real-time Fuel Price Monitoring: Live updates of fuel prices at the pump to help customers find the best deals.
  • Promotional Offers and Updates: Instant notifications about discounts and company updates to enhance customer retention.
  • PrestaShop eCommerce Integration: Smooth synchronization with the existing online store for a cohesive user experience.
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3D Design and Visualisation

For Capper Trading, SimonTodd developed high-precision 3D designs of lorries and trailers, tailored to enhance brand visibility and operational efficiency. These designs were meticulously crafted to reflect Capper Trading’s brand identity and to optimize the visual impact on roads. Each model was engineered with attention to detail, focusing on aesthetics, functionality, and compliance with safety standards.

Innovative 3D design / Strategic Design Execution / Customisation and Detailing

Coffee Brand

SimonTodd was entrusted with the exciting opportunity to develop the brand identity for Capper Coffee, a new venture by Capper Trading focused on delivering premium coffee experiences. Our team crafted a fresh, modern brand identity that captures the essence of high-quality coffee while appealing to both traditional enthusiasts and trendy consumers.

Logo Design / Typography and Packaging / Marketing Collateral

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