SimonTodd collaborated with ViPaws to craft a comprehensive branding package that captures the essence of their pet care services. From the creation of their captivating logo to the design of print materials and promotional items, our team ensured that every aspect reflected ViPaws’ commitment to excellence in pet care.


SimonTodd meticulously crafted the ViPaws logo. Inspired by the warmth and joy of pet companionship, our design seamlessly blends elegance with playfulness, reflecting ViPaws’ commitment to providing top-tier care for furry friends.

With careful attention to detail and a deep understanding of ViPaws’ brand values, our logo design captures the essence of their unique identity, leaving a lasting impression on both clients and their beloved pets. Experience the power of visual storytelling with ViPaws, brought to life by SimonTodd.”

Creative Design / Branding

Design and Print

SimonTodd partnered with ViPaws to deliver a suite of design and print solutions tailored to their pet care business. From eye-catching brochures and business cards to engaging signage and promotional materials, our team brought ViPaws’ brand to life with creativity and precision.

With a focus on conveying ViPaws’ commitment to excellence and care, our design and print work captivates audiences and reinforces brand recognition. Trust SimonTodd to elevate your marketing efforts and make a lasting impression with bespoke design solutions for your business.”

Innovative Design / Strategic Design Execution / Customisation and Detailing