Visual Designer

Pixel Perfect Design

The only complete design platform to offer pixel perfect design, yet produces 100% clean code. Take your design vision and turn it into a stunning custom-made website.

Drag & Drop Editor

Visual Designer makes designing websites a fun & easy process

Live Editing

Viewing each element while styling it makes a world of difference

Faster Than Others

Every change you make is instant, resulting in the best user experience

Powerful Editor, Down to the Smallest Feature

Design System

Manage your site’s design system from one place. Define your Global Colors and Fonts and apply them anywhere on your site.

Theme Style

Customise your basic theme design elements Globally without coding, and enjoy a whole new level of flexibility and control.

Global Custom CSS

Add custom CSS rules and apply them throughout your entire site. You can do this via Theme Style.

Global Fonts

No need to worry about setting the right font. Set it once as a global font and it applies throughout the site.

Global Colors

Set the global colors for the site, then every new element you introduce to the page will get the right color.

Global Widgets

Save your favorite widget designs, then have them handy in the left panel and insert them with a simple drag & drop.

Copy & Paste

Copy any section, column or widget, then paste it anywhere in the page. You can also copy-paste across different pages.

Copy Style

What if you just wanted to copy the styling of an element? No problem. Simply right click and get it done.

Hotkeys & Cheatsheet

Hotkeys are keyboard shortcuts that let you do just about any task with one click. See the full list using CTRL / CMD + ?.

Visual Designer functionality comes as standard with our WordPress client support packages. 
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