Website Design

£80 /month

Professional Design

Simon Todd provides Professional, bespoke, pixel perfect website design.  Why settle for less, after all, It’s how the world sees you!

Easy Editing

Keep on top of your content easily using our Visual Designer.  From adding text and changing images to redesigning a page, its never been simpler.

Choose the perfect domain name, used to visit your website and after the @ symbol in your new email ( addresses.

Bronze Client Support

With Simon Todd’s Client support no need to worry about your website going offline.  We maintain your website in the background making sure its kept up-to-date and online.  For the highest speeds possible our websites are stored in the UK and connected to our global Content Delivery Network.

All of our packages include unlimited SSD storage space and Unlimited 10GB mailboxes (email accounts).

Monthly Payments Plan

Our Website development monthly payment plan is £80 per month for 12 months.
This covers the cost of the website design and development, website address and client support package.

After the 12 months contract term the price will drop to £20/month which covers the Client Support package,
basically everything needed to keep your website online for everyone to see.

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